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Core for Mobile Phones

As consumer demand grows and the specifications and resolutions of mobile phone lenses are upgraded, the aspheric surface roughness and profile accuracy of mobile phone molds are improved. BEST continues to improve its ultraprecision process capability to obtain customers' recognition in quality and accuracy for the development of the industry.

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Diameter / Precision


Core for Mobile Phones
Mold Core Precision:

PV < 0.10μm
Eccentricity < 0.5 μm
13M mobile phone mold core < PV 0.05


【One-piece + EP Ejector Mold Core - a utility model and invention patent of BEST Precision Industrial】
Taiwan Utility Model Patent

No. M516502

Mainland China Utility Model Patent

No. ZL 2015 2 0892820. 6

Korea Utility Model Patent

No ZL 2015 2 0892820. 6