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Mold Base for VR/AR/MR

Metaverse technologies are constantly evolving. In response to the increasing market demands for AR (Augmented Reality) / VR (Virtual Reality) / MR (Mixed Reality), BEST Precision Industrial has developed innovative mold cooling system design. With this advantage, we have developed two-cavity, four-cavity, and six-cavity molds to provide customers with stable formation and mass production.

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Diameter / Precision


Mold Base for VR / AR / MR
Product Applications: Molds of Optical lens for Metaverse applications
Applicable Outside Diameter: Lens > ϕ30mm
Mold Core Precision: Diameter Circularity (Roundness) < 1.0μm
Eccentricity of mold bore < 1.0μm
Mold Flatness < 2.0μm
Cavity dimension deviation < 2.0μm