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About BEST

Founded in 2003, BEST is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of precision optical molds and components.

We started with the manufacturing of precision components for the optical industry and have been diversifying into the fabrication of precision molds and metal components for the end-user applications in smartphone lens, VR/AR/MR lens, in-vehicle lens, smart home appliances, biotechnology, and healthcare industries. We will maintain our technical professionalism, follow the " spirit of workmanship" to achieve high-quality standards, and challenge ourselves to meet the demands of our customers with high precision.

Company Profile
Established: November 12, 2003
Paid-in Capital: NTD 353,480,000
Staff: About 310 people
Head of the company: PO-CHI, CHEN
Main Products: Mobile phone, VR/AR/MR, vehicles,
special applications (optical communication / medical, etc.);
optical lens molds;
precision optical metal components processing

Corporate Video
Company History
2022    Stock listed in Taipei Exchange (TPEX , code:6859)
2021    Development of multiple-cavity molds
2020    Mass production of VR/AR/MR molds
2019    Production of single cavity Mold Glass
2018    Development of biotech medical molds
2016    Production of molds for smart home appliances
2015    Production of molds and metal components for vehicle camera lenses
2014    Production of VR/AR/MR molds
2013    Production of mobile phone molds
2007    Production of Mold Glass related materials
2006    Production of metal components for cameras
2005    Production of Mold Glass
2003    Establishment of BEST Precision Industrial

Business Management Principles

Ever since the establishment of BEST Precision Industrial, we have been adhering to the principles of " Professional Expertise, Practicality and Reliability" to provide customers with top quality products and services that deliver user satisfaction.

Internally, we continue to improve our capabilities, provide training for technical personnel, scale up our high-precision equipment and optimize the management organization to enhance the quality of our services.

In addition, we continue to communicate with leading international companies ensuring our market competitiveness, strive to promote teamwork for overall development, develop the future systematically and master the technological advantages of optoelectronics technologies.

Quality Policy