Equipment Overview

Production and Measuring Equipment

Precision Processing Equipment

Our team has installed high precision processing equipment and developed control techniques to produce molds for lens with a deviation accuracy of less than 1μm from the centre of the finished products. We are endeavouring to improve our technology in order to achieve exceptionally high precision.

Particularly, at present we have dozens of high precision aspheric machine, several jig grinders, high-precision centre processing machines, high-precision large flat grinding machines, and laser texturing machine to meet customer requirements.

Processing Equipment- Toshiba FS

Processing Equipment- YASDA

Processing Equipment-Laser texturing technology

Devices and Equipment

Manufacturing of high-precision molds requires high-precision and high-accuracy measuring instruments, as well as measurement technology. As the demand for performance improvement of optical molds is getting higher, this has resulted in the growth of product pixel and better quality.

Nowadays, the tolerance of design accuracy of core surface is less than 0.05μm, and the precision of mold components is getting higher and higher. We have also built a complete range of measuring instruments such as Zeiss 3D coordinate measuring machine (0.4μm), High Resolution and Precision Video Measure Machine (0.25μm), UA3P Aspheric measuring instrument (0.01μm), and Compass Freeform contour measuring instrument (0.001μm). We are committed to improving our measurement and valuation techniques to meet the various requirements of our customers.


Measuring Equipment- Zeiss 3D coordinate measuring machine


Measuring Equipment-Form Talysurf

Measuring Equipment-ZYGO Optical Profilers