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Departmental Responsibilities

Auditing Office
Planning, implementing and tracking of internal control system, identifying irregularities and other internal audit related matters including policies, processes and operations.

President Office

which comprises the Business Planning Office and the Safety and Health Office, is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. To execute and supervise the entire business and administrative operations of the Company, and to be responsible for the Company's business planning, business analysis, planning of management system integration, business performance management, investment analysis, and integration of corporate resources.
  2. To be in charge of environmental safety and sanitation business, maintaining labour safety and health as well as safety management in factories.

Department of Finance

  1. In Charge of capital planning and management, annual budget preparation, and execution tracking.
  2. Responsible for shareholders meeting, Board of Directors Meetings, and other related operations.
  3. Supervising accounting, taxation, and filing of financial reports.

Administration Department

  1. Company administration and management of general affairs and information system maintenance.
  2. To oversee the planning, development and implementation of human resources policies, organizational development, and systems, including the establishment of staff policies, employee evaluations, training, payroll and benefits, and other related operations.

Purchase Department

  1. Responsible for inquiries, purchases and import declarations of domestic and overseas raw materials, supplies, production equipment, hardware components, tools, and consumables.
  2. In charge of requesting for quotations and outsourcing of various projects and other related matters.

Quality Assurance Department

  1. Product quality assurance and management, implementation of incoming material, production, and finished product quality inspection.
  2. Handling of abnormalities in quality, analysis of root causes, and taking corrective and preventive actions.
  3. External requirements such as specification review, quality assessment, and customer complaint handling.

Business Development Department

  1. In charge of market research, market segmentation, sales channels, positioning, promotion, and other strategic marketing.
  2. Maintaining customer relationship, customer demand tracking, customer credit line and account guarantee, etc.
  3. Handling quotations, customer orders, shipments, etc., and assisting in customer complaints, and providing prompt feedbacks to customers.

Engineering & Technology Department

  1. To assist the manufacturing department in improving and upgrading the existing manufacturing processes and technologies.
  2. To assist customers in product application technologies, analysis of customer product applications and process technology handling of customer complaint cases.

R&D Department

  1. New product portfolio planning, new product research, new process technology development, product function improvement, and technical data collection, establishment, and management, as well as technical support to the manufacturing department.
  2. Management of drawings control and design changes.

Production Management Department

  1. To manage the operation of material collection, manufacturing, and warehousing according to the production plan, quality control standards and safety and environmental regulations.
  2. To arrange production schedules and make appropriate work assignments considering factors such as manpower, equipment resources, production schedules and production progress in order to improve production efficiency.

Department of Production 1 / Department of Production 2

Manufacturing of precision molds for various types of optical application lenses, precision components, tooling processing, etc.